Bistro cafe TuNa

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Bistro Café TuNa Dinner Menu


Side Menu

    • ・Baking thick fried tofu
    • ・Leek fermented soybean paste cheese baking of thick fried tofu
    • ・Green soybeans
    • ・Garlic green soybeans
    • ・Raw ham and green olives
    • ・Mozzarella cheese and tomato caprese


    • ・Tomato salad
    • ・Radish and red onion salad
    • ・Caesar salad with shredded cabbage and Parmesan cheese
    • ・Caesar salad with raw ham and half-round egg
    • ・Tuna salad of the TUNA
    • ・Shrimp and avocado salad
    • ・Avocado slices(Wasabi soy sauce dressing)

Fried food

  • ・Deep-fried bean curd

  • ・Mince cutlet

    • ・French fries
    • ・onion ring
    • ・American hotdog
    • ・fried chicken wing tips
    • ・Dried pollack dried cod stick

Seafood dishes

    • ・Shrimp and mushroom ahijo

      A kind of Spanish tapas to cook ingredients with olive oil and garlic

    • ・Grilled tuna and avocado cheese

      Baked with avocado and tuna Mayo dressed cheese

    • ・garlic shrimp

      Hawaiian classic dishes, grilled shrimp with garlic flavor using big shrimp

Meat dishes

    • ・Swirling sausage
    • ・chicken
    • ・Buffalo Chicken Wing

      Crispy chicken wings and finished with buffalo wing sauce
      The spicyness becoming a habit goes well with beer

    • ・Jerk chicken

      Jamaican classic cuisine, baked chicken meat pickled in spice is baked in the oven

    • ・Italian chicken steak

      We finished the chicken peach meat thoroughly baked with tomato sauce and cheese

Egg dish

  • ・Howl's Bacon Egg
  • ・cheeseomelette
  • ・TONPEI baking


    • ・Spaghetti Mentaiko Mayonnaise
    • ・spaghetti meatsauce


  • ・Garlic toast
  • ・Pizza toast


  • ・Mentikatsu sand
  • ・Tsunamayo sandwich


    • ・Spam rice ball
    • ・Muscles(katuo/yukari)
    • ・Tuna fried rice
    • ・Spam fried rice
  • curry

    Kema curry of semi-mature egg

  • Fried noodles

    • ・Source yakisoba
    • ・Taiwanese style fried noodles(Half egg with egg)


Shima-shi Shima-cho Wagu 1654, Mie Prefecture


Regular holiday Thursday
business hours Lunch time 11:30-14:00(LO.13:30)
Dinner time 17:00-22:00(LO.21:30)