Bistro cafe TuNa

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Bistro Cafe TuNa Open!

A drinking party where everyone gathers is good.
It is good to spend time with intimate people.

I hope to be able to provide a fun time, aiming for a small but relaxing place
to be able to enjoy the pleasantly and casually, with a variety of Western-style
Western cuisine and various hospitality, various tuna sticks are born.

The Pacific Ocean expands in front of you and the location is outstanding!
Beer that drinks while watching the ocean is exceptional!
Please come to such a rope



Shima-shi Shima-cho Wagu 1654, Mie Prefecture


Regular holiday Thursday
business hours Lunch time 11:30-14:00(LO.13:30)
Dinner time 17:00-22:00(LO.21:30)